Tencent launches WeChat mobile messaging in India

Tencent, a Chinese Internet company, has launched its mobile messaging platform, WeChat, for the Indian market. The app is a free mobile voice and text messaging application available on four platforms – Android, Windows, iOS and Symbian. [...]

Easy Uninstaller apps for bulk uninstall

Google is not holding back by integrating most of the useful features in its Android OS. Tech pundits firmly say that Google’s Android platform is one of the most flexible OS. The open source nature of the OS lets you tweak the system in [...]

Android Flash Transfer Apps

This Swipe & Share App can share files b/w Androids with just one swipe of your finger, also know as Flash Transfer Apk. World is really moving too fast, there was a time when Infrared was rocking the floor, then come Bluetooth. No doubt [...]