Remove Your Number from TrueCaller

TrueCaller is a popular reverse phone number lookup mobile app, that shows the details (name and location) of the caller. This app shows the details of anyone who calls, even if their mobile number is not saved on the phone. TrueCaller is the [...]

How to unlock LG Optimus G Pro

1. You can Find the unlock code for your LG G Pro. You know the IMEI no of your phone. You press the *#06# on the dial pad as if making a phone call. 2. You will need this 15 digit numbers to unlock the code. 3. On your web browser, go to 4 [...]

5 tips for Increase battery life for Smartphones

Best way to increase the battery life for Apple iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S4 or anything in between, if you wants your smartphone or iphone to have a long battery life. you can’t really go more than a day without charging it. but help of some [...]